Basic Editing "Your guarantee of an error-free text"

Basic editing is aimed at authors with near-native ability in English. English grammar and spelling will be checked and corrected where necessary, but the text will not be rearranged or rewritten. While this service is primarily about polishing your work, your scientific editor will highlight ambiguities and weaknesses in communication, in addition to addressing the following issues:

  • Spelling, (incl. UK or US), punctuation, capitalization, and use of italics
  • Grammar issues, including correct word order, run-on sentences, comma splices, fragments, agreement of tenses, etc.
  • Appropriate use of words, ambiguities and weaknesses in communication (indicated only)

Intermediate Editing "Convey a clear message"

Intermediate editing is aimed at authors with a good command of English who may struggle to produce a manuscript of acceptable quality. Intermediate editing extends the editing process to include:

  • The natural structure and clarity of sentences
  • Stylistic weaknesses, such as awkward constructions, inflated sentences, etc.
  • Redundancy, repetition, and ambiguous statements
  • Comments on the overall clarity and logic of your presentation

Advanced Editing "Strengthening your message and conveying your ideas"

Advanced editing is about communication, about conveying the message in your data. The style and flow of your writing can work for your message or against it. We will help you to communicate with your readers, clearly and succinctly. Your title should grab attention and your abstract should clearly convey your central message and most important findings. These will both receive special attention, in addition to the overall structure of your document

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