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    Manuscript? Grant proposal?
    You need editing support!

    For all your English language editing and Dutch to English translation needs...

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    'Research is what we do in the lab or clinic, but Science is what is published. Good presentation will help your data fulfil its potential in forming and influencing future knowledge.'


Edit.png Manuscript editing

Editing - isn't your data worth it? 
It took months or years to gather your data
. Isn't your work worth the best possible presentation? An edited manuscript reflects your high professional standards and will help maximize the impact of your results.

New.pngGrant editing

The foundation of your career; is your proposal as good as your ideas?
With success rates for grant proposals now at 20% or less, your proposal will face stiff competition. Editing will make your proposal stand out in the crowd by bringing focus and flow to your writing.

Search.png   Medical translation

As academic medical researchers, we understand your text. Twenty years of experience of medical research in the Dutch language and extensive medical writing and editing experience means that we can offer you a truly professional Dutch-English translation. 

English language services by experienced, professional scientists
  *  For medical and life science manuscripts, grant proposals and general biomedical literature.
  *  For Dutch-to-English medical translation
  *  For expert writing services for the life science and pharmaceutical industries

* Native speakers   
* Experienced researchers    * English/American    * Published scientists

Why edit?
writing in English is a challenge, especially for non-native speakers. Editing services can ease the burden of manuscript and grant writing,  helping you to get back to the clinic or lab sooner and with full confidence that your work received the best presentation possible.

Why Medactie? We offer a consistent and high-quality service - you know that experienced scientists are editing your work and you know who they are. You will have direct contact with your editor and you can email us at any time with questions. With manuscript editing from as little as 150 euros, you can afford to focus on your core business... 

Still not convinced? Send us a page of text for a free edit if you are not certain whether your work could benefit from editing. Just send a page of text (a page from the 'Discussion' is usually the most revealing) to info@medactie.com with the message FREE EDIT.